Forensic Video, Inc., provides full video tape recording services for depositions. We pay particular attention to audio quality and clarity. At all FVI video depositions, each participant has a separate microphone. All audio is equalized (EQ) using a broadcast quality mixing board.

Video recording is on digital videotape, which allows up to three hours of continuous, uninterrupted deposition at a time. This not only allows more efficient and consistent questioning, but also ties in well with the increased use of DVD as a video deposition distribution media. FVI, however, will continue to provide video depositions in all formats including CD-R, CD-ROM, VHS, AVI, Quicktime, Real Video, or whatever format is needed.

We do believe the future of video depositions lies with greater utilization of DVD media. We were the first company in the nation, and perhaps the world, to provide DVD services to lawyers. We believe that this technology is perfectly suited for the legal profession and the applications required by lawyers. Moreover, the standards imposed by DVD allow for international integration of data. With DVD you get the entire witness on one disc, up to 10 hours of testimony.