Our company focuses around a single objective: improving communication. Because we focus on communication, we have developed expertise in the methods, techniques, and tools that are used by lawyers in communicating to the jury. While we never presume to "try the case", we can assume as much of the communications burden as our client needs.

Witness Preparation
We will work with witnesses to increase their clarity and credibility with the jury. Techniques for preparing both expert and fact witnesses are employed to maximize the quality and impact of their testimony. We are often able to enhance the "comprehension" of testimony by experts by helping them to explain, simply, complex elements of testimony. Our other demonstrative services can also help the jury better understand complex scientific or legal principles.

Consulting on Trial Themes
We assists attorneys in developing trial strategies by identifying the key psychological factors in the case. We also can provide our clients with an independent analysis of their case. Often times, lawyers who have been working closely with their client, since the beginning of the litigation, are unable to see strategic or factual flaws in their case. We can provide lawyers with a new perspective that helps to strengthen their case. We can also help them conduct focus groups and other "mock trial" evaluations of their case.

Courtroom Communication
As experts in communication and persuasion, we work with attorneys to help them become more effective communicators. Research on the psychology of persuasion is used to help attorneys make their arguments as persuasive as possible. We also employ many of the "tricks" used by the entertainment and other industries to make the delivery of the information more dynamic and comprehensible. The ultimate goal of the lawyer, as the advocate, is to get the jury to accept his/her account of the case. In achieving that goal, the lawyer who is most persuasive, most comprehensive, and is best able to deliver information in a manner that is both understood and believed by the jury often prevails. We excel in helping lawyers become better advocates of their case. See our "client testimonials" for instances where our clients believe that our services helped them be more effective at trial.

Deposition Testimony
We help prepare witnesses for deposition by working with them to achieve an understanding of trial themes, and by improving their communication skills. In addition, we evaluate written or videotaped deposition testimony and advise on the strengths and weaknesses of each witness. We can also use our technical services to enhance the testimony of witnesses at trial, and provide dynamic testimony via video deposition when the live witness is unavailable.

Demonstrative Evidence
Demonstrative evidence is an important tool in communicating to a jury. It is, however, just a tool - not the message itself. While graphic displays are an aspect of litigation support most lawyers focus upon, it is not necessarily the most critical aspect of the case. It is important to present simple and professional demonstrative graphics at trial, however, professional graphics alone will not "make up" for defects in argument or in presentation of the case. Demonstrative evidence's impact is maximized when all of the other aspects of the case, and its presentation, are effectively communicated to the jury. Forensic can help provide appropriate demonstrative graphics that are simple and persuasive