Our In-house capability means COST CONTROL, SECURITY AND ON-TIME

Virtually all of our capability is in-house. Our firm has a full computer animation, video production and post-production capability. In addition, we have computer dedicated in a document network used for scanning and high-speed blow back printing. Our in-house capability ensures that we have full control of both content and cost in working on a project. Our in-house capability also ensures that confidential matters are kept secure.

Our in-house capability also provides our clients with unparalleled convenience. When you choose Forensic Video, Forensic Video does the work. That means that the day before trial, or the eve of trial, when the lead counsel wants to make a change, it is possible to do so.


We work hard...so you don't have to!

Our wide range of services provides lawyers and legal professionals with a comprehensive solution to their litigation support needs. As the case progresses from discovery to trial, only the range and amount of resources needed are employed. Our "scalable" solutions allow lawyers to have access to all the resources, but incur costs only as necessary to prosecute the client's claims or defenses.

Many lawyers decide to turn over significant portions of the case to us, because of the convenience and flexibility we bring to the project. We also often undertake other areas of the case that may be outside the normal scope of our traditional services - lawyers trust us to help them apply technology to meet their needs.


Our Experience in Litigation Support

Our experience allows us to anticipate the needs of our clients and provide contingent solutions. While our primary focus in doing what our clients ask, one of our most important roles is to present our clients with the ever-changing possibilities that are evolving in litigation support every day. We actually see ourselves as little bit like NASA: "Faster, Better, Cheaper".

Unlike many firms, Forensic Video has the experience of participating in large and small trials in both state and federal jurisdiction. We are accustomed to handling large and complex cases, often requiring us to reach the limits of both our creative and technical talents. Our record in handling these types of cases has always been to perform at the highest level, and our references can discuss how we were able to assist them in handling some of their toughest and largest cases.