Date: June 21, 2001

Forensic Video, Inc. Adds Advanced
Audio Clarification Processing
for Litigation Support and Investigation Using
Sonic Solutions "No Noise" Technology

Minneapolis, MN -- Forensic Video, Inc., one of the nation's pioneers in high-tech litigation support, is now offering Sonic Solutions "No Noise" audio clarification and enhancement of recordings for use by lawyers, prosecutors and investigators. "No Noise" is recognized worldwide as the gold standard of sound processing. It is used by numerous Federal law enforcement and justice agencies to clarify various types of audio recordings including wiretaps and cel phone interceptions.

In skilled hands, "No Noise" has the ability to analyze audio and remove virtually all background sound and intermittent sound that masks the voice and prevents the jury or attorney from clearly hearing what is being said. In other instances very sophisticated algorithms can actually reconstruct the sound from adjacent sounds.

In many cases, the sound you need to hear is in the background. Even this background can be isolated, enhanced and made intelligible.

"Video and audio recordings from home camcorders, surveillance cameras and tiny dictation machines are increasingly finding there way into courtrooms. Most of the time it is difficult to hear and understand. With this technology we can greatly enhance and clarify what is said", stated Richard Diercks, president.

For over 15 years Forensic Video has clarified and enhanced both video and audio recording for courtroom use. It has worked on dozens of such cases across the country including such areas as employment, personal injury, sexual harassment, theft, drug prosecution and contract disputes.

With surveillance cameras and recorders becoming so commonplace, the need for clear understanding of both picture and sound is critical for the correct outcome. In many instances, such recordings are the essential evidence in the case.

"We've had years of experience dealing with the admissibility of enhanced audio and video, as well as computer animation and demonstrative evidence. With proper care in preparation and foundation, such clarified audio and video material is routinely used by courts", said Diercks.

Forensic Video, Inc. was founded in 1984 to focus computer-based technology on the challenges of the legal profession, particularly during litigation. Forensic Video creates sophisticated 3-D computer animation, provides complete courtroom presentation, does document and database management, as well a trial consulting. The company has practiced in every Federal jurisdiction and courts in over 24 states.