Forensic Video, Inc. (FVI), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of the oldest and most experienced trial support companies in the United States. FVI offers the most complete range of litigation services in the country. We can take a case from imaging to courtroom presentation, video and audio analysis to 3-D computer animation. All work is in house, under our direct security, cost and scheduling control.

FVI has long-standing relationships and experience with virtually all litigation support software makers. We fit our services with the approach and tools you are experienced with including TrailDirector, Summation and Concordance.

In over FVI's 15 years of operation, the company continues to be at leading edge in applying tested technologies to the legal profession. Forensic Video has many firsts, including the first computer animation admitted in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the first to use DVD in the courtroom. We have practiced in over 25 states and most federal districts.

No matter how complex, there is nothing we cannot teach a jury. If the jury needs to understand underground fluid dynamics, then so be it; FVI will teach them.

No matter how obscure, FVI will help the jury understand the meaning and significance an experts testimony.

We want the jury to believe that we believe the more they know about the case the more likely they will agree with us.

Forensic Video, Inc. provides the following services...