Forensic Video has extensive document management, imaging, and printing services. We currently have in-house capability to handle 99% of the projects that are out there. We can scale our facilities to accommodate the smallest of cases to the largest of cases. Moreover, our experience in handling documents (and our experience in computer networking) allows us to integrate your new projects with your existing in-house technology. The results are more convenient, efficient, and less expensive handling of documents in that case.

We routinely handle cases with anywhere from 50,000 to 250,000 pages of information. Our facility contains equipment dedicated to:

  • High Speed Scanning: Our machines can handle speeds up to 48 ppm. Our staff is highly experienced and is able to achieve maximum throughput in a short time. Our maximum throughput can exceed thousands of documents per day. Additionally, we can operate on location - "have documents will travel." Our equipment can be brought to any location in the world and electronically transported back to a central repository in Minneapolis (or anywhere else in the world!)
  • High Speed Printing: We have the capability to provide "blow back printing" for a cost equal to or less than that of traditional copying. We can print documents, finished with bindings, at speeds in excess of 100 ppm. We can produce completed, collated documents. Our prints from your documents are crisp, clear, and with whatever additional markings are required (redaction, stamps, bate numbers, barcodes, etc.) We are currently offering to firms who would like to try our high-speed printing services special pricing. Because all documents are scanned, printing additional copies requires only a selected list from the database. Actual documents are only handled once.
  • Objective and Subjective Coding: We find that objective and subjective coding are part and parcel of database management and design. As we are often working with counsel on other aspects of the case, our team is intimately familiar with how documents should be identified. In many cases, we are more efficient and expedient in handling and coding documents than our competitors or even in-house support staff.
  • CD Duplication: We can make hundreds of CD copies per day. Our in-house ability allows us to produce over 250 CD's per day, all of which will be labeled and custom created. This allows us to produce documents on disc for the largest of cases in the shortest amount of time.
  • DVD: See our press release regarding the convenience, flexibility, and power of DVD.

Our pricing for these services is highly competitive. We charge current market rates for scanning and printing production work. Often, using Forensic Video is less expensive that traditional copying and file management. Contact us to obtain detailed pricing regarding imaging and document services