For Forensic Video, properly sized and reliable equipment is only part of courtroom presentation. Trail books with bar-codes and thumbnails of exhibits, documents and graphics organized for both direct and cross allows attorneys to focus on the witness and case. In the courtroom FVI wants the attorney to be oblivious of the technology.

Forensic Video, Inc., however, does have a wide array of presentation tools and packages meet any litigation need. We have set up in courts around the nation, both large and small. We also use our presentation packages for arbitration and mediation conferences.

Our technology is all owned and in-house, ready to go out on a moment's notice. We have sufficient additional resources to provide virtually limitless audio and visual equipment access, as required. We have "set up" and conducted multiple trials and conferences simultaneously.

A sample of our equipment includes:

  • ELMO & "Opaque projectors"
  • 40" Multi-sync and video plasma flat screens
  • Computers for Presentation all presentation Software
  • Multi-sync (data and video) Monitors from 6" in size to 41" in size.
  • Projectors & Screens
  • Video equipment
  • DVD computers and players
  • We can make any internal, client generated or outside vendor work product work with your presentation systems, and all of the work product we design or complete is immediately integrated with any of our presentation and software systems.

Forensic Video, Inc. is a certified to resell include:

  • Trial Director / Document Director
  • Sanction
  • Trial Pro
  • Visionary
  • WinVzn
  • TotalVzn

Further, we are authorized resellers of the products distributed by:

  • inData Corporation
  • IDEA, Inc.
  • LiveNote, Inc.
  • Courtroom Technologies, Inc.
  • Dataflight Software (Concordance)
  • Summation
  • Visionary
  • Verdict Systems. Inc.

Our packages allow lawyers to utilize our equipment bundled together for maximum cost efficiency and convenience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next trial or presentation.