Forensic Video, Inc., at its headquarters in Minneapolis, maintains a full audio and video post-production facility.

Audio Services:

  • Audio Enhancement: Using the patented Sonic Solutions No Noise processor, we are able to significantly increase the clarity of recorded audio. Sophisticated algorithms isolate noise and static, and then remove it from the recording. Even background conversations can be brought to the fore and understood.
  • Discrete Audio Analysis: We have used our audio production tools to analyze and evaluate audio sources. Our experts are available to testify at trial as to the integrity of any audio source analyzed.

Video Production/Post-Production Services:

  • Video production: We can shoot video about any subject required. We have experience in shooting "day in the life," video, site surveys, and video depositions. We use professional equipment and can produce broadcast quality video using our post-production facilities.
  • Post-Production: We have a complete on-line and off-line post-production studio. We can handle any video format available and provide whatever counsel requires. In-house, we support SVHS, Betacam, BetacamSP, Digital Betacam, 3/4 "U-matic," & 1" Reel. We can have duplicates made from any other format quickly and easily. We can also create video output to any format required.
  • Segregating Surveillance Camera Video: As is often the case with many survey cams in businesses, all cameras are often recording video on one VHS cassette. Playing back the images is very difficult as they run by at high-speed. (For your information, a frame of video is roughly 1/30th of a second, about as quick as an eye-blink.) Forensic Video can "de-mux" the video frames into a series of camera still shots. This allows the viewer to get some sense of continuity between frames even though the viewed sequence is not in "real-time."
  • Enhancing Video: We can often improve the quality of video. Improving video quality is not as "easy" as improving audio quality, however, there are processes that can be applied to increased contrast, clarity, and definition. Please call us to discuss the details of any video enhancement needs
  • Video Analysis and Stills: We can analyze video (to determine if it has been edited or enhanced.) We can also make full color stills from video and make "enlargements" from video.
  • Duplication: We can create any number of duplicates from any video source required.
  • Video Clips: We can produce edited clips of video for use at trial.

Digital Editing/Encoding: We have the ability to provide encoding in any of the following formats:

  • MPEG1 (Common for Video depositions)
  • MPEG2
  • VCD (Video CD)
  • CDi
  • OMDR / Laserdisc